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Sublimation Pen, Brush Pen

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  • Minimum Order Quantity 5
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Product Detail Information

Sublimation Pen


This Color is made of sublimation Ink which can use for dorectly transfer printing on the T-shirts,Cap etc.
Sublimation ink applicated item


This color can drawing On the nomal papper and this paper can transper to the T-shirts etc.


Pen type

│How to use│

  1. Paint or drawing on general paper
  2. After dry the paper, Adhesion on the Polyetser fiber materials.
    (Micro fiber, T-shirts, handlerchief etc)that wish to sublimation transfer. Polyester, Nylon fine use only (Coton, natural fiber can not use)
  3. By useing the home an iron (Darimi), Please press the paper with polyester fiber.
    mpre then 30 second at 180 200˚C temperature, after then, Please remove the paper, It will sublimation printed on he fiber.
    *Difference can be with actuality color at heat sublimation printings.

│Application Field│

  • Micro fiber,T-Shirts(polyetsre, Nylon). Cap, handkerchief, some gift item etc
  • Mug Cup,Tile etc(Need heat setting for transfer)
Product Detail Image

Sublimation Pen- Brush Pen

Sublimation Pen- Brush Pen

Sublimation Pen- Brush Pen

Sublimation Pen- Brush Pen