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Mosquito Stick

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Mosquito stick
Clean stick / aroma stick


This is the Aroma microcapsule applicate item which can use for ant mosquito. If you do Scratch on your cloth and Body of this stick. The mosquitos avoid this smell and run way to another area. It is very simple use of this By Hand carry like pen, You can use everywhere for avoid the mosquito. It is very good effect anti mosquito with eco-friendly you scratch on your uniform and Cloth of this stick, It is washable by water easily.


  • To make effect of anti-mosquito by writing or scratch on surface.
  • This is eco-friendly not harmful.


  • It includes mosquito repellant perfume; there is long term, durability.
  • It is to remove easily after application to fiber, it is washable. (It is removed easily after application to fiber, skin.)
  • It Uses material that is harmless in human body and does harmlessness.
  • It Can carrying easily and portable
  • It Can use very easily with hand carry

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Mosquito Stick

Mosquito Stick

Mosquito Stick