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Polycotton -3000

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  • MaterialTextile Chemicals.

[Woojeong Industrial INC Korea]

  • South Korea South Korea
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as anti-static and anti-pollution agent, is very useful in dying process of polyester, Nylon, Acryl fiber. 

If use this Polycotton-3000,It can get effect natural fiber like cotton.

Also it increase the dispersion and levelling effect of dye.


Appearance      :  Light brown viscous liquid

        pH(1% soln.)    :  7.5 ± 1.0

        Solubility        :  Easily soluble in cold water

        Solid(%)         :  17 ± 1.5(105 × 3hrs)


        Has a excellent water absorption property because

Polycotton-3000 supply hydrophilic film to fiber

Can prevent the re-adhesion of spinning oil

Give a permanent anti-static effect to fiber

Can remove easily even if pollutant is attached to fiber


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Polycotton _3000